Music Vocabulary List

beat call and response eighth note loud lullaby march quarter note rest rhythm soft fast slow instrument high low long short smooth jumpy bumpy thin thick music

classical half note improvise melody refrain verse volume composer phrase applause solfege ostinato introduction note head stem beam pitch form folk

brass choir coda crescendo decrescendo forte meter pentatonic percussion piano repeat sign string style timbre woodwind accent solo fermata time signature diction whole note

conductor, conduct dynamics mp, p, pp, mf, f, ff fortissimo forte harmony pianissimo round staff tempo texture unison opera staccato legato measure reggae mezzo allegro treble clef adagio bar line moderato alto tenor soprano bass tie accompaniment dotted half note

ballad major rondo scale skip step theme country music rhythm ‘n’ blues rock ‘n’ roll rap hymn ballet bluegrass orchestra symphony lyrics octave ritardando (ritard) largo presto spiritual duet trio quartet Gospel ledger lines ensemble

flat interval key key signature minor sharp syncopation countermelody blues ragtime chord D.C. D.S. al fine polyphonic Romantic Baroque Renaissance descant royalty copyright scat shanty soundtrack jazz slur theme and variation flag sixteenth note sequence